Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Pizza After

Isn't that pizza cute? I love it because it shows that everyone can do those adorable food tricks without spending years practicing - or a ton of money. As you cook, think about the shape of the final dish. Can you change it up for a holiday or just to be cute?

Bread is a particularly good canvas for this sort of play since you can squish it into whatever odd shape you need today:
Hearts for Valentine's Day, Christmas trees, baby ducks for...uh, the heck of it. (This bread pudding doesn't quite fit, but I love it so you get a link.)

The pizza was made by
Heather Andrews, who writes about an uncategorizable variety of interesting and amusing things at bookish and is a delight on twitter. I love the artisan look; you can tell a human made it for you. I like that in food, don't you?

We hope you're spending Valentine's Day with people you love. What are you baking to celebrate?


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