Thursday, April 29, 2010

We May Be Two Places At Once, or Not Anywhere at All!

I just found this note to myself stuffed between the sofa cushions. Looks like it was written in late 2007, just about when we were starting this blog...
Notes re: A Year in Bread

  • Don't make stupid assumptions like that you will really quit in a year. You probably won't. Seriously, baking bread with some of your best foodie friends is not a gig you quit lightly.

  • Make sure you map the domain correctly, even if there are good reasons it's easier not to. [ed., see also: hosting on Kevin's server, he who got too busy with all his other gigs and had to leave us.]

  • Even if you ignore the first two [ed., and we did] whatever you do, don't use Blogger's FTP publishing. It will probably be discontinued in a few years and you will have to migrate the site using a process that is much flakier and fraught with peril than needs be. Your site and/or feed may disappear for a while, readers might think you are gone, and it will, in general, suck.
I really should clean out the couch more often. Maybe read my notes to myself. Uh, well, crud...

We're migrating the blog this week. If we seem to disappear, it's only temporary. (And yes, we have the domain wrong, but we're not fixing it now. That would just break it more... ain't technology grand?) The move should happen Thursday-Friday and from what I hear we may be offline intermittently for 24 hours or so.

Questions? Recipe you need right this minute? Drop us a note: aYearinBread (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll try to help you out.
See you on the flip side!


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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Sundried Tomato, Pinenut and Rosemary Bread

sun-dried tomatoe, pinenut, rosemary bread sliced

No recipe, just a freehand dough, slightly wetter than a baguette with some fresh herbs, minced sundried tomatoes, and pinenuts.

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